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Zipform Plus is technology platform for real estate agents. It comes with numerous features that can create a one-stop shop for realtors and their clients. This includes transaction management, eSignatures of many documents, and an agent dashboard that allows realtors to engage in many services at the same time. 

It's worth noting that the entire Zipform platform is not just one program, but many. It incorporates a variety of tools, including transactions, CRM, chat, communication, document storage, and more. This program has always been useful but really took off during the COVID-19 pandemic, when many real estate programs were forced to move online. As a result, Zipform has become one of the most popular online technology solutions for realtors.

Because of everything that Zipform has at its disposal, it is absolutely critical that users fully understand its functionalities in order to get the most out of it. Thankfully, Zipform understands that, and its website has an extremely extensive array of online training, customer service, tutorial videos, and more. As such, any realtor can fully understand what is going on within the program. This is important: Some users noted that the program can be extremely complicated to use, and without outside assistance, they may have had problems taking full advantage of all of its services.

From an organizational perspective, reviewers noted that users can simply keep all templates in one spot for various transactions. As such, when it is time to finalize a sale, they can just click on the transaction and move forward. This can save a ton of time and really improve your efficiency. You can also customize forms and your signature, ensuring that the forms look like something you need and can match your specific state and local requirements.

Speaking of efficiency: Many users specifically praised the program's highly functional dashboard feature as one of its best aspects. This dashboard allows for a quick view to determine where a deal is, as well as allowing you to figure out potential next steps.


  • Comes with a wide breadth of programs that many realtors can unquestionably use to their advantage. 
  • Offers extensive support and training options, thus ensuring that realtors will have the full ability to take advantage of its various functions. 
  • Offers templates for similar transactions, enabling you to just create the documents you need with a couple of clicks of a button. 
  • Allows extensive customization of forms to suit whatever your local requirements are.
  • Dashboard feature allows users to quickly see the progress of a transaction.


  • Users noted that the program isn't necessarily the most user-friendly and can be complicated to use. In some cases, progress on forms doesn't save, forcing users to potentially lose work.

Highest-Rated Features:

  1. Contract Management
  2. Document Management

Lowest-Rated Features:

  1. E-Signature Capabilities
  2. Communication Tools
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